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Advanced Digital Driving Simulator

$25.00 inc. tax

Here at Fanshawe Driving School, we offer an advanced digital driving simulator, for those students who first feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. With our tool, we believe that the path of success will be right around the corner.


Benefits of using a simulator instead of learning the driving process from the beginning in a car

Using our driving simulator instead of learning to drive from behind an actual steering wheel has many benefits:

  1. Driving lessons become a lot safer, because student drivers spend the first few hours using the driving simulator. After that, beginner drivers become more knowledgeable and confident when they start driving a real car. Thus, it is less likely for them to get into accidents, bringing less stress to both parents and instructors, as well as the motorists who have to share the road with student drivers.
  2. The driving simulator helps save fuel and reduces carbon emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect into the atmosphere.
  3. It makes learning how to drive more fun for the student driver. Learning how to drive with the driving simulator rather than from behind a real steering wheel is just like playing a computer game but more focused on physics and road rules than special effects.
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