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Colour of your vehicle and Accidents in Canada

Posted September 29, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions


When driving on the road, it is important to abide by all safety rules and regulations to avoid the disaster, leading to injury or, worse, an untimely death. Safety is an aspect of driving that should not be taken for granted; drivers have a major role in ensuring that the road is accident-free and safe for pedestrians.

One of the major factors that lead to road catastrophe is the impatience of most drivers as some of these drivers are always in haste to reach their destination. If only most drivers can abide by traffic laws, then the number of casualties will drastically reduce.


The color of a vehicle goes a long way in determining the rate of accidents on the road.

Black vehicle: Due to their black color, this vehicle is difficult to see on the road. They are easily absorbed into their surroundings, thereby leading to a high risk of collision with other motorists.

Red vehicle: This type of vehicle has a very bright color, and as such, they are easily seen on the road by drivers. Hence, the risk of an accident while driving is very low.

Blue vehicle: A blue vehicle is mostly associated with most road catastrophes. This is because the sky’s color is blue, and this color makes this type of car less visible to other motorists.

Green vehicle: Green vehicles have similar color with the surrounding trees and plants; this makes it hard for them to be seen by cars far away.

The primary cause of car accidents in Canada includes;

  • Consuming large amounts of alcohol by drivers before embarking on a trip makes it difficult for the drivers to concentrate on their driving.
  • Drivers that are under the influence of alcohol tend to drive at a very high speed.

In 2013, ICBC revealed that about 28 percent of road disaster was caused by over speeding from the drivers, 29 percent was due to distractions, and drivers under the influence of alcohol caused 23 percent.

Individuals in Canada above the age of 16 must pass the Ontario G1 test before they are issued a driver’s license. The Ontario driving test practice is readily available on the internet for individuals that wish to learn traffic signs and laws before going for the main driving test.

Fanshawe driving school comes highly recommended. They offer these drive tests in London and Ontario


All drivers need to abide by the laid down rules and regulations to ensure that the road is free from accidents. Traffic controllers would duly punish defaulters of these rules. These rules include;

  • All drivers must ensure that they drive only on the right side of the road.
  • The motorist must always give way to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing.
  • The driver and passengers in a vehicle must always ensure to put on a seat belt.
  • No phone calls while driving.
  • When making a turn into a street, drivers must make use of their indicator lights.

If these laws are obeyed, then there will be a reduction in the rate of accidents.

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Dahlia Collins
2 years ago

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William Conor
2 years ago

Such a great blog! Thank you, this is very informative and helpful. I hope many can get a chance to read this blog as this is big help to ensure safety when driving. This kind of situation is a great reminder that it is really important to take driving courses, such as from Defensive Driving School (, to broaden our knowledge and awareness about driving to ensure your safety and everyone on the road.

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