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At Fanshawe Driving School, we provide a Ministry Approved Curriculum Course. Our priority is our students and their safety. Our classes are taught by Ministry approved Instructors with many years of experience in teaching that are highly skilled and very reputable in the driving industry. We have interactive and full of fun classes. Every student will be rewarded bonus marks for engaging in class activities. Minimum passing marks for in class is 70% and in-vehicle is 75%. All students will be given a workbook that needs to be completed at the end of the course. We invite lots of guest speakers at our school for extra information on drinking and driving. We also provide one hour free to practice In Advance Driving Simulation for beginners to get a feel of driving before taking them for in-car lessons. Extra hours can be purchased for Visual Driving simulator.

Students will have 1 YEAR from their course start date to finish ALL components of the course. That’s the 20 hours of in class and the 10 hours of in-car training. Once all necessary components are complete we will certify your child with the Ministry of Transportation. If your child goes over their 1 YEAR mark they can no longer be certified.

If all areas of the course are successfully completed, certification will be followed for maximum insurance discount eligibility. These discounts are based on your insurance company and we have no knowledge of what they may be. The documentation that you will need to prove the completion of our course is a DRIVER LICENCE HISTORY REPORT. You can obtain this from any Service Ontario location; the cost for this is $12.00. You can also apply for Driver license history online at

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