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G1/G2 Program

G1/G2 Information

General information about G1-G2 program and how Fanshawe Driving School can help you achieving your goal to behind the wheel as soon as possible. 

The Graduated Licensing Scheme has significantly minimized inexperienced driver crashes and deaths, making the road a safer place for all. The G1 and G2 test programs will be discussed in detail in this article. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about these programs below;

If you are a fresh driver, you will progressively obtain full driving privileges. You can train and exercise with a qualified driver in the car during the first stage of your G1 License under conditions that reduce collision risk. This is an excellent opportunity to enroll in the Beginner Driver Education Program (BDE). This program is organized to help you evolve into a lifelong healthy, and responsible driver. You will also know all of the skills you will need to pass the road test and advance to the G License's second level.

All driver testing must be written at a DriveTest Centre that has been authorized. You do not need to organize an appointment for the G1 test; however, you must schedule a meeting for the G2 road test. Attending a good driving academy like Fanshawe Driving School located in London, Ontario, with excellent driving instructors, will help you as you quest to get your driving license scheme.

For a fresh driver, the average time spent at the G1 Level of the Graduated Licensing system is one year. If you complete an accredited BDE Program, however, you will obtain a four-month reduction in the waiting period. As a result, you will be able to take your G2 road test eight months after your G1 was given to you. After a year with your G2, you can take a second road test that involves highway driving to attain your G Licence, which is your full driver's license.

When a student completes the Beginner Driver Education Program, all driving schools must go online to the Ministry of Transportation, where they will be authorized. This knowledge is entered into the student's Driver Licence History with the Ministry of Transportation, and it becomes a permanent part of the student's driving record.

If there is a scenario whereby you require evidence of completion, go to Service Ontario and submit your Driver License History (DLH). It is preferable to visit in person. A fee worth $12 is usually charged for the issuance of the license.

Information about insurance discounts will be registered on your Driver's Licence History until you have completed the BDE program. The Driver's Licence history serves as evidence of satisfactory completion and graduation from a BDE course, and it is generally accepted as proof of course completion by the insurance industry. Therefore, BDE graduates with a driver's license history can qualify for a discount on their insurance.


I hope this article has answered any questions you might have about the G1/G2 program. After reading this article, you should understand how the licensing scheme operates and what you need to know about it. Getting the basics about the G1/G2 is very important as you seek to be a professional driver. One must be able to pass through this program to be a certified driver. That's why it's very relevant to have them.

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