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Why Us Fanshawe Driving School London

Fanshawe Driving School was Established with unique, distinguishable beliefs between driving and understanding driving, by creating the ART of Driving. Many driving techniques could be delivered in the form of ART. In order to deliver a better understanding of Driving Education, research has been conducted on driving throughout history. History emphasizes three major points including Awareness, Responsibility and Technique.

So, Fanshawe Driving School Came up with a solution to “why not teach the Art of Driving” to deliver our message in a unique way for New Drivers and generations to come. The results were phenomenal our graduate students are constantly proving so with a 99% passing rate. We understand the difficulty of choosing between investing in the safety of your livelihood and staying within your budget, which is why our prices are affordable and student approved.

Fanshawe is enriched with diversity, including students from all over the world. With our rapidly growing services, the challenges we initially faced were language barriers but we have overcome that too. We don’t stop there! We have picked & chosen the best Instructors in Ontario committed and dedicated to professional teaching. Our instructors come from all different backgrounds and are fluent in many languages to full the accommodate our students’ needs and contribute to the ART of driving. Some of the languages are instructors speak including Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, Dari, Arabic, Kurdish, English, Punjabi and many more to come. ART Stands for Awareness, Responsibility, Technique and that’s what Fanshawe Driving School Represents.

Come and join us to Learn The Art of Driving and acquire a life long opportunity that will ensure your safety driving.

Fanshawe driving school is the driving school with the number one driver’s ed program in London, Ontario!

We believe that learning how to drive is one of the best feelings of freedom. However, it is a privilege you should enjoy and not a right.

Our ministry of transportation approved instructors are experienced, patient and enjoy teaching the art of driving and driving safety. Our instructors are trained to teach you easy to remember techniques to promote driver safety.

With a first-time passing rate of 98%, it is safe to say that the full-service driver’s ed program at Fanshawe driving school has proved up to its reputation to be London Ontario’s Number 1 Driving school.

Why choose Fanshawe Driving School?

Our driver’s education program offers:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of traffic laws & regulations
  • Professional & passionate Ministry-approved driver’s ed instructors
  • Possible reduction in your insurance premiums
  • Budget-friendly competitive pricing courses. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to learn from the best!
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Interactive and engaging in-class sessions during evenings and weekends.
  • Beautiful clean vehicles
  • Ability to use Instructors car during the driver’s license test
  • Discounts for referrals!
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April 2021 Physical classrooms & In- Car sessions are suspended until May 19 due to provincewide lockdown.
  1. All Classroom sessions can be completed ONLINE NOW.
  2. Online classes are completed by your own (No Facetime or Attendance required).
  3. You have one year to complete your online course from the date of registration.
  4. ONLINE COURSES are approved by MTO can be done anytime anywhere on your ease.
  5. Information of the students will be sent electronically to the ministry upon completion of the course.
  6. 10 hours of in car lessons will be done on the road with individual on the date of the appointments with your assigned instructors once the Minister of Transportation resumes there services.
  7. We are always there to support our students. (Phone call/chat/email)
  8. A complete substitute of the physical classroom is to maintain social distancing for the safety of the community
We look forward to working with you