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Fanshawe Driving School, London ON

Posted July 26, 2021 by Inventriks Solutions

A recent survey by WHO revealed a geometric rise in the amount of road traffic accidents, with a significant proportion of the liability attributed to the subject drivers. This is an indication of the colossal rise of incompetence among supposedly licensed drivers. Besides, NCBI and Research Gate earlier reported a surge in the population of unlicensed drivers globally. These factors partly contribute to the increase in road traffic accidents.

Of course, Canada has a fair share of the percentage of these incidents as suggested in the 2020 TC Canada report. However, fortunately, a sizable portion of the Canadian population is beginning to realize this as a menace and are willing to take necessary steps to curb it accordingly.

If you are one of those drivers or potential drivers looking to set a standard for a change, London Ontario driving school is here to guide you through that journey.

What we are

Fanshawe Driving School is the perfect place for all driving skill acquisition. Our unique driving school is recommended and endorsed by the state in Ontario, Canada. We fundamentally focus on opening a world of possibilities to drivers who need to research and explore new competencies and strategies they were previously oblivious of. In addition, we emphasize making driving mastery an exciting one through our dedicated and seasoned instructors. All you need to emerge as a skilled driver are integrated into London Ontario driving lessons and courses

Our secure driving lesson is designed to make sure that at the end of the activity, you can exhibit a proven and reliable competence in coping with light / medium car(s) in a secure and accountable manner.

Our instructors

We boast some of the most experienced and seasoned instructors on the Canadian highways. They have all it takes to help you eradicate all driving errors and impact a sound and adequate driving ethic. Professional driving instructors in London Ontario driving school will help you get accustomed to relevant traffic rules and regulations guiding Canadian roads. Besides, they will open you to the recommended and acceptable ethics relevant to sharing the street with different drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Usually, these ethics are one of the missing elements in driving totals today. As such, we will impact the knowledge of drivers psychology, potential triggers for various drivers as well as practical approaches to driving securely, non-violently, and coming out in flying colors in your G1 and G2 drive test London, Ontario.

ontario driving school

Our lessons and courses encompass intensive discussions and practicals on:

  • risk identification,
  • high way code,
  • protection, and well-timed action,
  • the bodily situation,
  • intellectual situation and the traits of a protective driver,
  • automobile pre/post safety checks, traffic regulations,
  • the consequences of a motor automobile on the environment,
  • suggestions on secure riding, drugs/alcohol, and riding,
  • riding conditions,
  • adventure management,
  • practical demonstration to be aware of and accurate riding errors,
  • driving force commentary,
  • driving force perception (seeing the behavior of secure riding),
  • and several others.

Assessment framework

After impacting all the required skills, we will conduct a mini-test to evaluate your potential or mastery to operate a car together with a passenger car, motorcycle, or business car. This test comprises a written as well as a practical exam. We will examine your knowledge about the learned regulations as well as test your capability behind the wheel.

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Don Gates
2 years ago

I saw that you were based in London and was wondering what the ON was – thought it was maybe some find of typing mistake, then I realised that you’re London Ontario (I’m in London UK!)

Dahlia Collins
2 years ago

Such a great blog! Thank you, this is very informative and helpful. I hope many can get a chance to read this blog as this is big help to ensure safety when driving in fog. This kind of situation is a great reminder that it is really important to take <a href=”“> driving courses </a> to broaden our knowledge and awareness about driving to ensure your safety and everyone on the road.

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