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Fuel Saving Tips By Driving Instructors

Posted April 1, 2022 by Admin

Is fuel cost affecting your budget? Yes? Well, you’re not alone. Fuel is becoming more and more expensive as every day passes. So, if you’re looking for practical ways to optimize your car’s fuel consumption, here is a simple guide for you.

These insights are experience-based. Using them, you can be sure not only to save up to hundreds of dollars but also maximize your road safety knowledge and shield your cars from wear. So, you’re killing 3 birds with a stone.

With no further ado, let’s delve right into it.

How to reduce my car fuel consumption

Steady wins the race

Dipping and bursting your speed will only increase your fuel consumption, leaving you to spend outrageous amounts refilling your tank. According to several tests, fluctuating your speed levels between over 70 to over 80kmph every 20 seconds can skyrocket your fuel usage by up to approximately 23%. And according to expert driving instructors and driving lessons, retaining 50kmph in your highest gear can greatly save your fuel consumption.

Besides, you may as well use the cruise control feature when applicable. However, note that varying the speed just by a little can be beneficial as well if you allow gravity to do it for you. In areas where the traffic is tailored accordingly, reduce the speed when traveling uphill and pick back your momentum when coming down.

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Gentle acceleration

The rule of thumb is the harder you push the accelerator, the more fuel it consumes. So, if you take it easy on the accelerator, you can make your cruise as fuel-efficient as possible. Besides, never prolong push accelerator push more to ensure you’re not changing the gear too often. That can as well be a culprit.

Use the air conditioner only when necessary

Your air conditioner can increase fuel consumption by roughly 20%. So, you might want to start opening your windows henceforth, especially when driving in the city. In essence, only use air-conditioning when necessary and you’ll feel the positive impact in no time.

Minimize the weights

Getting rid of unnecessary items such as sports equipment, sand, etc, might be all you need to do to optimize your fuel consumption. The lesser your car’s weight, the less fuel it uses. For every 25kg weight you carry, reports indicate that your fuel consumption increases by roughly 1%. So, throw out those unnecessary ones.

Optimize your tire pressure

If the tire is under-inflated, chances are your fuel usage can increase by several percent. Not only will this increase your fuel consumption, but can also be detrimental to your tire life, reducing it by several thousands of kilometers. Hence, be sure to check the pressure regularly and maintain its optimal value.

With these tips, you can start optimizing your fuel consumption when cruising around Hamilton, Ontario, and anywhere across Canada. But to even enjoy your cruise safely and better, our team of experienced instructors is ever ready to help. There’s also the drive test Ontario help to guarantee you’re ready to drive on the roadways moving forward. So, why not contact us here, and let’s help you get the best out of your car.

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Excellent Article !!

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