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Gas Station Safety

Posted January 15, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

Absolutely, you are excited for a few more driving tips. Here is another tip that Fanshawe Driving School Ontario find which is essential to bring it to all responsible drivers of all over the world.

Everyday there are millions of cars we find at gas stations, as well as we have read about many such accidents at gas stations due to catching fire. Fueling up the vehicle is something many of us take for granted as maintenance, although it is the most basic and common maintenance we perform on our vehicles. When teaching your kid to drive, safety at the pump and service station should be among the initial lessons which can be even taught before they are ready to drive. 

Gasoline Safety

Official warnings at gas stations with messages of Dos and Don’ts for refueling a vehicle. Whether or not someone reads them is another story. A driver may understand that gasoline and its vapors are dangerous and flammable chemical components, but no one can imagine how quickly a dangerous situation can occur. Have you ever noticed the warning about not getting back into your vehicle while refueling? Static electricity can build up – think about a time when you’ve touched something and felt that tiny spark. Since gasoline vapors are heavier than air and prevalent while refueling, getting into your vehicle or touching it can cause that little spark of static electricity to create a flash fire. Of course, this is not a common thing and just because it doesn’t happen doesn’t mean it can’t – it’s possible.

It’s important to remember to stay with the nozzle and hose while refueling, alert, aware and NOT on the phone – even in the rain or snow. If the nozzle isn’t fully located within the tank, your teenager may have a spill on his hands if the lock is engaged and the nozzle tumbles to the ground.

Service Station Safety

Unfortunately, going to the gas station has become somewhat dangerous as criminals and thieves have figured out ways to target unsuspecting drivers. Teach your kid to always lock the doors and roll up the windows before refueling. The GTA Police warn that thieves are taking valuables from the other side of the car (yes, that means quietly sneaking up and getting in your car, even if you’re just on the other side refueling!). Going inside the station presents an even easier opportunity for thieves – and unfortunately worse criminals — to get in the vehicle unnoticed.

Of course, we don’t want to talk about these things with our children, let alone think about them at all, but the gas station is a frequent stop for drivers – many times multiple times per week! Your teen may be wanting driving tips regarding downtown parking and driving on the highway, but they need the safety stuff, as well.

Fanshawe Driving School is one of the customers oriented of London, Ontario that keep our young, new drivers safe on the roads by reducing the problem of distracted driving by providing exceptional in-class training. Fanshawe Driving School have developed a comprehensive safe driving app that allows the parent or guardian to shut off texting while driving on their child’s phone from the parent phone without the teen driver being able to shut the app off. It stops all incoming text messages from being answered and keeps your driver focused on driving. You can book online free consultation click here.

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