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Here’s How Driving School Training Can Help You Get Lower Insurance Rates

Posted July 16, 2019 by Breezemaxweb

Attending driving school not only teaches you how to be an experienced and safe driver, but can help save you money too! The experience gained from the ministry approved instructors at Fanshawe Driving School cannot be beat. Your chance of getting in an accident decreases, you will be safer and more observant behind the wheel and you have access to lower insurance rates.


How does this work exactly? Here’s our guide to understanding how driving school courses can help you get lower insurance rates:

How Much Can Driving School Take Off On Insurance?

In Ontario, attending and completing driving school can reduce 10% off of insurance rates. Younger drivers often struggle to pay off their insurance, as they are seen as a high risk. Getting stuck with high insurance premiums can lead to dept; but attending informative courses from Fanshawe Driving School can help new drivers acquire a reduction in insurance premiums. 


Driving School companies are able to save on automobile insurance by receiving a discount from insurance providers! We are your connection to more affordable insurance rates. Once you complete your driving school course, you receive a certificate which you show to your insurance company. Your insurance company then offers you a discount, and sometimes the discount is listed on their website ahead of time!

How Else Can Driving School Reduce Insurance Rates?

After taking and completing the driving school course at Fanshawe Driving School, you can take the G2 driving test. A G2 driver that completed driving school can actually graduate to a G license after just eight months. Without attending driving school, a G2 driver normally has to wait the full 12 months until they can take their G test. G2 drivers also pay more than a full G driver because of less experience. Therefore, a driver can reduce how much time they pay higher insurance rates by as much as four months.

Do Insurance Rates Change Based On Gender?

Yes, they can. Gender can impact insurance rates significantly, especially for males under the age of 25. Young male drivers often pay higher rates because statistics have proven that they are more likely to be involved in an accident. However, males under 25 that are legally married can often acquire lower insurance rates. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has approved ‘Gender X’ for those that are non-binary and gender fluid. Gender X can be approved for lower insurance rates than both male and female drivers.


If you don’t feel prepared to have your own insurance policy yet, being a new occasional driver on your parent’s insurance can also cut costs. This helps you build your insurance history, gain more driving experience and choose the proper vehicle for you with a discount down the road. With Fanshawe Driving School, you can’t go wrong. We guarantee informative defense driving knowledge to keep you safe and potentially lower insurance rates. Book our course and be on your way to levelled insurance and top driving skills!

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