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How soon can I start to learn to drive car?

Posted May 25, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

There are two parts to the driving test in Canada, the Theory Test also known as G1 test and the Practical Test also known as G2 or G test.

You can start to learn or take course with Fanshawe Driving School any age, but cannot sit in the test until you are 16 at the earliest.


You must obtain a provisional G1 driving license, which allows you to legally drive on the roads with a qualified driver over 21 anywhere.

The cost of a provisional license is CAD $ 158.25. The cost includes a knowledge test, a Class G2 road test (to earn your G2 license), and a five-year license. This fee is payable at the time of application at drive test centers. If you are unable to qualify in your first attempt in your knowledge test, You can pay CAD $16 extra and retake it.

If you already obtain G1 license, then you are eligible to go for G2 test by paying CAD $53.75. You can pay online and book an online appointment for your drive test.

We would thoroughly recommend Fanshawe Driving School to anybody since they have received many appreciation & awards among community. They have received lots of positive feedback from the students about their curriculums and technics of teaching make it Art of driving.

I was one of these people who had been taking driving lessons here and there for a few years but had never really bonded with an instructor or had the confidence to realize that I was able to drive.

I took Fanshawe Lion Package intensive course with Fanshawe Driving School and they did great!  Not only is they are an experienced, friendly and helpful driving instructor – but he taught me to find the confidence “I lacked behind the wheel”

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William Conor
2 years ago

This is great, thank you for sharing this informative blog! This is really helpful to ensure safety when you travel. Of course another thing that you must be careful when you are driving. That’s why it is really important to take driving courses from Defensive Driving School ( to broaden our knowledge and awareness about driving.

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