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How to prepare for your driving test: Part one

Posted June 7, 2024 by Admin

The goal for many people who are learning to drive is to pass the driving test. They want to pass it on the first attempt as well. No one wants to tell their family and friends they failed that test. It’s obvious to most they need to ensure they are properly prepared, not only to pass that test but to drive safely afterward. Here is part one of helping you prepare to pass the driving test.

  • In the beginning

Just to be clear, the G2 driving test will evaluate your basic driving skills when driving on city/town roads. During this test, the driving examiner will look to see that you can follow the rules of the road and conduct a safe driving manner at all times. The directions of where to turn are given in advance, but all the other driving decisions will be yours. The test will be done on local roads around the DriveTest Centre and will usually last around 20 minutes.

  • Professional training

The beginning of your journey to get your license should start with driver training. This first stage will help prepare you to pass the driving test and will help you become a safe driver for many years. If you rely on a family member or friend to teach you everything you need to learn to pass the driving test, you may become disappointed. Using a professional driving instructor helps because they do this every day.

  • Practice makes permanent

It’s important to practice everything you have been taught by your instructor. Although many students may practice the skills they feel comfortable doing, they should practice the skills that have not yet become a habit. For example, many people will put off any of the low-speed skills such as a parallel park or a 3-point turn. However, since those are skills that can be examined on your driving test, it would be wise to practice those skills so you become confident with them before the day of the test.

  • The day of the test

Before you arrive at the DriveTest Centre, check that your horn, brake lights and turn signals are all working. The driving examiner will check those items before the test begins. Taking a short drive as you head toward the DriveTest Centre should help to relax you before taking the driving test. Once you have checked in at DriveTest to let them know you’re there, return to your vehicle and sit comfortably inside your vehicle. Ensure your seatbelt is secured so you won’t forget once the examiner arrives.

Now that your test is about to begin, part two of this article will detail all the steps you need to follow while out on your driving test if you want to pass!

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