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Important Tips When You Practicing Driving by Yourself

Posted January 10, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

If you are a fresher and are deciding to join a driving school to learn the art of driving, then here are a few tips that can prep you up for a smooth drive which is discussed with most popular driving school in Ontario. Everything has a first time and driving too is no exclusion. For many fresher, when it comes to driving, they are afraid. Questions raised in their heads, questions like, and ‘Will I be able to tame the wheels?’ ‘Will this be easy?’ Am I ever going to remember all the signs and technicalities of my car?’ These questions are inevitable, it is normal.

We, Fanshawe Driving School Ontario in London understand the complexity that comes with every time a beginner takes on to the wheels. Let us make you help providing theory classes about the art of driving.

We at theory class does solve lots of problem which you might have in your head that create a fear. Then let us straight, driving a car is like any other skills that you can learn and master. All you have to do is, learn the theories by heart and practice driving until you perfect the skill. Practicing it again and again will raise your confidence and it is all you need to master the art, just like any other skill, and then you will find out that driving as similar as walking on the road.

So, when you are practicing driving, all by yourself, with the help of family or friends or in a driving school, Fanshawe Driving School would like to share some important tips –

  1. Don’t forget the basics – Make sure, you know vehicle properly what you are driving. Go through the handbook to make sure that you have all basic information about the car and how to use its interior. Learn, how, when & how much to use the clutch, if you are driving manual transmission, how to change the gears and how to implement a break as smoothly as possible. If you are driving automatic, make sure to take a small round in the parking area to know the car accelerator ratio. 
  2. Stay Calm – Relax and keep your mind chill as sit back as much as possible. The more relaxed you are the more confident you will be and being relaxed will help you understand the traffic and your surroundings better.
  3. Do not Panic – Panicking is the worst enemy you can have while driving. Never panic, take deep breaths and calm yourself this will help you reduce any chance of accidents.

Rules and regulations – Abide by all the traffic rules and regulations, following these rules religiously will help you save your life in situations that can get risky. Never use your mobile phone when driving and never drink and drive.

Follow the above-mentioned tips nailed down by Fanshawe Driving School and see yourself master the skill of driving safely. Enroll for Driver’s driving classes in London to learn more.

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