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International Driver License

Posted June 22, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

If you are visiting Canada for less than 90 days, and need to drive somewhere, search for driving school near me to get any advice with it and you will be contact with leading driving school of London, Ontario The Fanshawe Driving School, did you know you are allowed to use your foreign driver license? Basically, that means that you are allowed to operate a vehicle if you have the same permission in another country. In essence, this validates licenses from all countries. However, it does not come with unlimited privileges. On the contrary, there are several laws and regulations that you must observe in order to avoid getting in trouble with the law. For example, having a license to operate a motor vehicle in a foreign country does not override any penalties in Canada. In other words, you cannot use a license form another country if you are not permitted to drive in Canada.

There are other restrictions on this privilege as well. If the local police ask to see your license, you must comply and present it to them. Another thing to consider is that you are only qualified to operate the same types of vehicles that you are qualified to operate in the country that you have received your license in. That means that you cannot have a standard license in one country and expect to drive large trucks in Canada. Granted, these points seem like they would be obvious, but it is important to mention them to avoid any sort of confusion.

You should also keep in mind the fact that you can be penalized in Canada if you are driving a vehicle with a foreign license. That means that your driving privileges can be suspended regardless of where you license was issued. There are several things that can cause this to happen, though more common infractions involve having unpaid fines and getting points on your driving record. Another common reason that your foreign driver license might be suspended if you exceed the maximum speed allotted by law by in excess.

The main thing to keep in mind is that having and being able to use a foreign driver license is a very big privilege. Canada is allowing visitors the opportunity to get where they need to without jumping through too many hoops. The only conditions are simple, and they all boil down to obeying the law so they really shouldn’t be that difficult to follow. If you are in a position where you end up getting your license suspended, you were in the wrong and abused these privileges.

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