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Learn To Drive With Your Parents

Posted January 14, 2022 by Admin

The alarming shortage of driving instructors in Canada began in 2018. However, this significantly worsened in 2020/2021 considering the significant backlog attributable to the lockdown. So, suppose you’re one of those who are unable to get a driving instructor, or perhaps for any reason, you’re intending to take some driving lessons from your parents. In that case, we will cover a few tips and guides to make the entire effort fairly easier.

Getting familiar with drivers’ responsibility

Note that Canadian law demands that only a fully licensed individual (at least a 3-year license holder) is able to sit next to you when taking driving lessons. Besides, they must be fully focused on you, trying everything to keep you safe. In fact, they may neither text nor use their mobile phones. If caught, they may end up with prosecutions as strict as if they were actually driving.

Basic tips for You

Nurture the art of mirror check

This is where most learners are found lacking. Essentially, before making any decision, always check your mirrors. Whether you’re looking to turn left or right, change speed, or even overtake other vehicles, your mirror should be at the core of these decisions. This is one of those attributes they tend to evaluate at your drive test Ontario.

Watch out for blind spots

This is yet another necessary observation every driver tends to overlook, regardless of their experience levels. A blindspot is essentially that area behind the range of your mirror. Checking these areas gives you a clear view of potential dangers lurking out of your sight. Whether moving from a parking space,  from the roadside, or even from your driveway, make checking for blindspots a habit. Note that you should only do this when your car is stationary.

Understand speeds of approach

You need to know what speed is too fast to turn a corner or approach a junction. From surveys, we could understand that most home-schooled learners tend to approach junctions too fast. And almost every time, they copy this from their parents. As a driving instructor, we recommend approaching turns at less than ten to twelve mph. This offers you enough time to assess your mirrors and relevant signals.

Basic tips for parents

Teaching your children how to drive is not always easy. We understand the level of stress, frustration, and arguments that tend to accompany this effort. However, you must keep your cool to avoid a fallout. In fact, to make it easier for either party, your best bet is enrolling them for professional driving lessons to complement the experience you’re inculcating in them.

In situations where your child’s driving instructor is teaching them something different from what you know, don’t try to correct them unless it’s dangerous. In recent years, the driving curriculum has been subject to changes with new trends and tech piques being introduced almost every year.

Remember, you were also nervous when you began your lessons, so help your child build their confidence in a tranquil location far away from the main road. If they make mistakes, please keep your cool. Otherwise, you’ll only successfully keep them away from driving with you moving forward.

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