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Risks of Driving Older & Small Cars to Younger Drivers

Posted May 1, 2022 by Admin

IIHS recently reported that younger drivers, including teenagers up to age 25, are more likely to drive older vehicles compared to the middle-aged ones between 2008 and 2012. Little wonder why another report showed that almost 50% of drivers within this age range have recorded accidents associated with vehicles that are over 6 to 10 years.

That’s not all, however. The report further submitted that smaller cars tend to be less safe than larger ones. The aforementioned age range also shows a more considerable tendency to drive small cars, which has resulted in countless accidents over the years.

While this data is largely America-centric, you can’t deny Toronto exhibits a similar trend. This has been the reality both on Toronto highways and roadways across Ontario.

The genesis of it all

Even with all the safety improvements found in newer cars, several constraints are restricting this age range from getting one. The first is the cost constraint. Most younger drivers are not able to get themselves newer cars. Those that can, however, still factor in exorbitant insurance costs associated with driving large vehicles. So, they opt-in for smaller ones.

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Examining the whys

Now, the question to ask is how exactly are these cars causing harm to younger drivers?

Let’s factor in the car visibility

Compared to big vans, trucks, SUVs, trailers, and other sizable cars, you’ll agree it’s relatively difficult to see a small car on the roadway. For this reason, most drivers of bigger vehicles tend to overlook these small cars, which only have one ultimate outcome- accidents. Not to mention the fact that most younger drivers drive these cars on high-traffic roads, which also skyrockets the tendency for an accident to occur.

Inexperience is a culprit

Younger drivers tend to have lesser grips over their vehicles. Sometimes, the adrenaline and norepinephrine rush in them can make them over-excited to the extent of making a reckless mistake. As we know it, these mistakes can be quite deadly many a time.

Absence of safety frameworks
Today almost every new car you buy is accompanied by associated safety features. These may include back monitors, GPS, airbags, headlamps, and the list goes on and on. However, this cannot be said about most older cars.

Keeping the culprits at bay

From the reasons mentioned above, we can deduce that sub-par driving skills coupled with a few of the car’s features are the primary causes. Hence, besides buying a car with state-of-the-art safety features, you’d also want to consider upscaling your driving skills to an acceptable standard. And this and more are what our driving lessons are tailored to offer.

Here, there are professional and skilled driving instructors to guide you through the safe way to navigate Toronto roadways and without the hassle. Besides the training, there is the drive test Ontario to guarantee that you are road-ready.

It is not advisable to drive older or smaller cars. But if the situation is inevitable, you’ll also be equipped with the right knowledge to tread carefully. So, be sure to contact us today.

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