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Signs, Signals and Marking

Posted January 27, 2021 by Inventriks Solutions

Signs, signals, and markers- collectively called Traffic controls, are devices adopted on Canadian roads to guide, inform, and regulate motor vehicle movement. The Canadian traffic law emphasizes their priorities as the safety of people walking and cycling and at-risk groups such as seniors with mobility difficulties or children. Therefore, they use signal signs and painted road markings to safely let people know where they can walk or ride bicycles. Summarily, traffic controls may serve one or more of the following purposes.

  • Inform drivers of the state and local rules governing the road
  • Regulate the movement and speed of traffic on roads
  • Alert drivers of changing conditions or hazards ahead
  • Help drivers reach their destinations by identifying the correct routes.

The most common forms of traffic control devices include crosswalks, traffic lights, yield signs, stop signs, and much more. The failure to adhere to the Canadian traffic law on signals, markers, and signs may result in traffic tickets that can have several consequences depending on various factors.


Enrolling in Fanshawe driving school equips you with information that you can leverage as you drive on Canadian roadways. Besides an extensive knowledge of traffic signs, you can access more information regarding the g1 test in London, Ontario. That said, generally, traffic signs are categorized into three main classes;

Regulatory Signs

These signs give directions that everyone must follow. They are typically rectangular and painted in white and black, featuring a single vibrant color to signify its meaning. Signs with red imply that a driver must avoid the sign’s noted activity, while those on green indicate that the action is allowed. Diamond-shaped black and orange colors are for denoting temporary conditions.

Informational and Directional

As the name implies, these signs give information about the roads and routes present in the area. They are usually large and green, and they help drivers navigate the Canadian roadways.

Warning Signs

Warning signs denote unusual or dangerous occurrences. They are usually bright yellow with black texts and a diamond shape. Warning signs are vital for safe driving on the Canadian roadway because they notify drivers of freeways with curves, dipping terrain, etc.

Signs, Signals and Marking


Traffic lights guide both drivers and pedestrians at intersections and along the roadways. Green implies that the driver can proceed, amber or yellow colored notification suggests that the driver should yield suppose he is late to move, while red means stop.

Every driver must be able to differentiate between these signals to transverse roads and freeways safely. If you don’t know the meanings behind these signs or choose to ignore them, you are risking many lives. For that reason, Fanshawe driving school is here to help you practice safe driving by exposing you to comprehensive information about traffic controls with additional practical Ontario driving test practice.


These are lines, symbols, and words, painted on roads to facilitate safe driving by directing drivers and regulate traffic flow. Fanshawe equips you with the needed knowledge of different lines, colors, and significance with a practical drive test in London, Ontario. The lines are generally categorized into three broad categories: yellow lines and white lines, and crosswalks. The yellow lines are typically used for opposite directional traffic, while white lines are for the same direction. At the same time, crosswalks are used for pedestrians.

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Marjory Mora
Marjory Mora
3 years ago

Great tips. I love this blog!

Dahlia Collins
2 years ago

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William Conor
2 years ago

Good read, thank you for sharing this informative blog! This is really helpful to ensure safety when you travel. Of course another thing that you must be careful when you are driving. That’s why it is really important to take driving courses from Defensive Driving School ( to broaden our knowledge and awareness about driving.

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