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Speed and Stunt Driving in Ontario Roads

Posted July 26, 2021 by Inventriks Solutions

The effect and after-effect of the somewhat recent covid-19 pandemic have forced a sizable portion of our operations indoor. This, undoubtedly, has a significant and direct impact on roadways and roadways competence. Since we were all indoors, consequently, the traffic volume has witnessed a colossal decrease. However, as there were fewer cars on the road, unscrupulous drivers have had greater opportunities to indulge in reckless driving and speeding, stunt driving, running a red light, and road rage. Because as roadways became calmer, individuals had to take the opportunity of the open highways, According to the Police, they noticed an increase in maximum speeds and a significant increase in the number of persons convicted of stunt driving.

According to a new study done by the Canadian Automobile Association, a large percentage of Canadians (59 percent) claimed to notice an upsurge in risky driving when COVID-19 rules were in effect. Such figures are alarming, says Teresa Di Felice, CAA South Central Ontario’s. Whether you’re driving to the shop in 5 minutes or taking a half-hour nice drive, maintaining one another safety everywhere on our roadways should be a top priority.

Stunt driving: A Rising Menace

Due to its frequency, authorities policing the safety of Ontario’s roadways are particularly concerned about stunt driving. Stunt driving is illegal under Section 172 of the Highway Traffic Act, and a warning or ticket will be imposed if a motorist is found traveling over 50km/h. A “stunt” might include a variety of risky driving behaviors, in addition to high speed:

Moving in a way that suggests a desire to pursue another car. Such as lifting part or all of one personal tires off the highway’s ground and spinning or circling the vehicle without having control. It also includes two or more vehicles side by side in the same way.

drive test Ontario

The relevant consequences

Stunt driving is usually seen late in the night or perhaps during the weekends, according. However, with reduced traffic problems on the roads, you will increasingly witness drivers participate in the risky behavioral manner. During typical business hours, such as mid-day as well as mid-week.

Some might feel that the increased incidence of stunts and other dangerous driving is related to a rising anti-establishment mentality as well as the wants to acquire publicity and social media attention. And then there is the impact of automobile society that has motivated drivers to alter their systems to make cars quicker and more capable. This most probably was aided by the Fast & Furious film series

If proven guilty, drivers who engage in aggressive or stunt driving face a seven-day license suspension and automobile seizure, as well as the potential of six months in prison, $10,000 in fines, and other penalties.

Safety is improved via education and enforcement

Notwithstanding existing legal safeguards, it is clear that more has to be done to prevent such behavior. That is why the York Regional Police Department created ERASE. ERASE is a cooperation between the GTA police agencies and the OPP to guarantee a holistic strategy to investigative actions with an emphasis on dangerous driving.

Our approach

Besides the measures implemented by the Canadian government or authority, we are also taking practical steps to successfully, or at least to a considerable extent, curb this issue with our driving lessons. With an emphasis on safe driving and good road ethics alongside a team of seasoned driving instructors, we fundamentally focus on making Canadian roadways safer for all. For anyone looking to pass both the G1 and G2 drive tests Ontario, there are also courses tailored towards that effort.

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Dahlia Collins
2 years ago

This is a really great blog, very informative and helpful! I hope many can get a chance to read this blog as this is big help to ensure safety when driving in fog. This kind of situation is a great reminder that it is really important to take <a href=”“> driving courses </a> to broaden our knowledge and awareness about driving to ensure your safety and everyone on the road.

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