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Things to Consider When Looking For a Driving Instructor

Posted January 16, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

Learning to drive can be scary but the right driving instructor will help eliminate your fears and teach you the right skills to help you become a safe and confident driver. For these reasons, it is important to find an instructor you’re comfortable with so that you learn the right rules and techniques that are required for safe driving. 

In order to find the perfect driving instructor, there are a few things you need to consider, including their reviews. When searching for driving instructors, take the time to read the reviews that come up because this is a great indicator of whether or not you should consider them. See what their pass rate is with other students and if you see that there are a lot of happy customers who passed their drivers exams based on the lessons learned from that instructor you, should definitely hire them. Good reviews are always a great sign, so take the time to go through them.

Most instructors offer packages and their pricing will be competitive, especially if they are confident about the services they provide. Learning to drive is something that must be taken seriously and cheap deals may mean you’re not learning from a reputable instructor. Take the time to compare the hourly rates and flexible schedule of different instructors and remember that a professional with a high pass rate may charge a little more but it may be worth it. 

Check to see the type of vehicle they use for their lessons which will tell you a lot about the instructor. The vehicle should be well maintained, comfortable and clean in order for it to be suitable for driving lessons. The state of their car is a direct reflection of their business and reputation, so if you see a dirty car that looks as though it’s falling apart, it may not be wise to consider hiring that instructor. 

Once you narrow down your choices, feel free to arrange a consultation because meeting the instructor can make a big difference. You can ask questions and get a feel of their teaching skills based on their answers and how they handle your concerns. If you are happy with their responses, you’ll know you’ve chosen correctly and if you’re unhappy with the connection, it’s early enough to find a different instructor. 

Learning to drive can be a challenge but Fanshawe Driving School in London will ensure your experience is both informative and enjoyable so that you feel confident when it’s your turn to hit the road. Both your safety and the safety of other drivers is at risk on any given road, which is why professional driving lessons are not just important but a must. Fanshawe Driving School will make sure you are a safe driver who understands the rules of the road, so give them a call today!

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Victoria Addington
4 years ago

I am currently looking for a driving school since I want to learn how to drive before leaving my town for work. Thanks for the things to consider in finding an instructor. I shall then follow your tip on asking about the packages they offer to find the deal that’s best for me. Hopefully, by June I know how to drive my own car.

4 years ago

Hello Victoria,

Good luck for your driving classes. Feel free to search for more topics if you are looking for more knowledge about driving tips and techniques and also feel free to share this information with your friends and relatives.

driving lessons west auckland

It is a nice article about three reasons about things to consider when looking for a driving instructor. I agree with all your points that you have stated here, love this blog. a great post definitely to come across.

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