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Top Ten Most Expensive Car Insurance Claims in Canada

Posted September 21, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

Automobile insurance covers your car from accidents and other damages. If your vehicle is damaged in any way, you can file an insurance claim to take care of the repair cost or replace it.

Now, the question is, which insurance claim will cost the most? This article is an explication of the most expensive car insurance claims in Canada today.

1.  Multiple Car Collisions.

Arguably, the most distressing and horrendous moments in an individual’s life is an accident involving collisions between several vehicles. This accident – backed with the possibility of several damages like personal injury, property loss, and others, is the most expensive car insurance claim. Multiple collision is sometimes unavoidable, but with Fanshawe drive test in Ontario, we can show you how to avoid this.

2. Single-vehicle Accident

If you happen to be involved in a single-car accident, replacing or repairing your car will not be easy. You can make an insurance claim to allow your insurance company to undertake all the costs of repairing your car or replacing it when necessary.

Although this case is sometimes inevitable, Fanshawe driving school, which offers a g2 and g1 test in London, Ontario, with 30 years of experience, is here to teach you safe and defensive driving to avoid this accident. With our Ontario driving test practice, you can safely handle any automobile while following Canadian safety rules and regulations.

3. Fire Damage

a case of a house fire that led to fire damage of your vehicle(s) usually brings about a total loss. In this situation, the insurance company is obliged to pay you for your car or replace it.

4. Parked Vehicle Accident

If you parked your car and later discovered that it had been hit by a passing vehicle, repairing it can be quite expensive, especially if you do not have the offender’s information. You can also file an insurance claim for this.

5. Fender Bender

Another expensive insurance claim is when you are hit from behind, causing damage to the vehicle or passengers. This scenario, if accompanied by airbag deployment, can cost several thousands of dollars.

6. Weather Damage

Damage caused to your car body parts by climatic elements like rain or other natural elements like tree branches is not usually cheap. They can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

7. Damage Caused by Children Activities

Damages caused by your child’s activities like bicycle riding, skating, or football on your vehicle body parts can be quite expensive to repair. That is because the cost of repairing dents and body damages is a little high.

8. Damages to the Windshield

Those little cracks on windshields that resulted in a huge-crack or complete shatter can cost a lot of hundreds of dollars to repair.

9. Keying or Parking Lot Damage

In a case of damage by careless shoppers or vandals, the claim usually costs thousands of dollars, especially when it accompanies a repaint’s need.

10.Misplaced Keys

With new automobile technologies and computerized keying systems, it can be slightly costly to replace car keys.


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3 years ago

Very interesting information thank you

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Hi, I’m Micheal. This article is very small but all the information was interesting.

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