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Most Common Reasons of Accidents & How To Avoid Them?

Posted January 27, 2020 by Inventriks Solutions

When you are a new driver in the country that is full of snow, you may talk until you’re frustrated about safety tips for driving in different conditions, special driving technique to drive in snow and ice. Unfortunately, nothing makes you an expert until you’ve hit your first patch of ice in real life. It’s often a little scary — even for experienced drivers! Fanshawe Driving School has put together a list of basic tips for snow driving before you hit the road!

Pre-Winter Maintenance

Winter can introduce extra maintenance on various parts of your car; the change in weather can be proved dangerous even without ice on the roads. During pre-wintertime, get your vehicle ready for the change in weather to provide the safest possible vehicle.

Do a walk-around your vehicle and check a few key parts on the car:

Tires: Fanshawe Driving School suggests starting with the tires. Make sure to change your snow tire and have enough thread to maintain grip with the road with snow. 

Windshield: Fanshawe Driving School suggests checking the windshield wipers are fully functional. Ice on the windshield can cause damage wipers, potentially cause driver a low visibility and could prove more dangerous while driving on highways. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to change wipers and, if you live in an area with ice and snow, make sure to learn and keep an extra pair of wipers in your trunk while you are planning for a long trip. Fill up the windshield washer with one rated for the temperature in your area – de-icing formulas help in cold areas by helping remove ice from the windshield.

Emergency Kit

Stock the car with an emergency kit. If your teen gets stranded due to bad road conditions, a few key items will help keep them safe.

  • An emergency thermal blanket to cover yourself
  • Extra winter clothing such as winter hats, gloves, extra pair of socks
  • Stock Food that won’t freeze
  • Bottles of consumable liquids can help keep your family hydrated while waiting for help

Make sure your phone is fully charged before going out in snowy conditions, and ensure you have a charger or battery pack that is fully charged in case you need to call for emergency help. In addition, put some ice-breaker liquids in the trunk to help provide traction if they’ve slid off the road and instruct how to use it around the tires. 

These driving safety tips may seem simple, but they can bring the difference between a simply disappointing situation and a hazardous scenario.

Fanshawe Driving School is award winning and one of the best driving schools in London, Ontario that keeps our young, new drivers safe on the roads by reducing the problem of distracted driving by providing exceptional in-class training. Fanshawe Driving School have developed a comprehensive safe driving app that allows the parent or guardian to shut off texting while driving on their child’s phone from the parent phone without the teen driver being able to shut the app off. It stops all incoming text messages from being answered and keeps your driver focused on driving. You can book online free consultation; click here.

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William Conor
2 years ago

Such a helpful article, thank you for sharing! This is really helpful to ensure safety when you travel on road. Accidents can be avoided, indeed! Of course another thing that you must be careful when you are driving. That’s why it is really important to take driving courses from Defensive Driving School ( to broaden our knowledge and awareness about driving. 

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