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Defensive Driving Course (DDC)



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    Ministry Approved Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

    Whether you only commute to work or drive quite frequently, it’s crucial to always put safe driving practices into place. Defensive driving prepares students for all driving hazards and how to always apply safety practices.

    Fanshawe Driving School teaches drivers how to prevent collisions. Our Defensive Driving Course aims to help you become a better and safer driver. This course is available to all, from individuals to corporate fleets. When you complete our defensive driving program, you will become a more efficient and safe driver that is consistently confident on the road. Group rates are available.

    What You Will Learn From The Course

    Educating drivers of the risks they may face on the road is our mission and our instructors always take it seriously.
    • What is involved in driving defensively
    • Why and how various types of motor vehicle collisions occur
    • What it takes to prevent collisions
    • How to reduce the environmental impact of driving
    • We provide package that will be done in group included 5 hours of classroom  & 2 hours of in car lessons training




    When & Where


    279 Wharncliffe Road N, Unit 018, London ,On N6H 2C2


    * The time of classes can be changed. For more details please contact.

    Please note: Ministry of Transportation no longer issues paper certificates. FDS graduates must request for a copy of the driver’s license history (DLH) from any Service Ontario office. The DLH provides proof of successful completion and graduation from our beginner driver education (BDE) course and BDE graduates with a DLH maybe eligible for an insurance discount, and for a 4-month time reduction at the G1 level road test.

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