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Winter Driving Course




  • $309.73 + tax

    6 hr in Car Training

    This course is particularly well suited to meet the needs of drivers who desire more in-depth training and hands-on experience in winter driving conditions. Students learn the latest in Defensive Driving in practical, hands-on training in vehicles and training that reinforces good driving habits and skills. Students are given professional driving assessments using FDS Driving assessment techniques.

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    In vehicle Driving:

    Pre and post Trip Inspections

    General Driving Evaluation

    Commentary Driving Evaluation

    Avoiding Ditch Entry

    Braking and turning on slippery Road Surfaces

    Collision avoidance

    Rear Crash Avoidance

    Emergency Braking

    Brake and avoid: Slippery surfaces

    When & Where

    279 Wharncliffe Road N, Unit 018, London ,On N6H 2C2

    * The time of classes can be changed. For more details please contact.

    Please note: Ministry of Transportation no longer issues paper certificates. FDS graduates must request for a copy of the driver’s license history (DLH) from any Service Ontario office. The DLH provides proof of successful completion and graduation from our beginner driver education (BDE) course and BDE graduates with a DLH maybe eligible for an insurance discount, and for a 4-month time reduction at the G1 level road test.

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