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Seniors Driver Training



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    Why Choose Fanshawe Driving Lessons?

    • Simulated learning: Participants can correct driving habits in the safety of Fanshawe user-friendly virtual driving simulator. This is the ideal place to practice your reflexes, visibility in poor conditions, and reaction times.
    • Supportive learning environment: Fanshawe instructors are industry experts. Not only are they adept at educating participants on safe driving practices, they do so in a supportive, respectful and participatory manner.
    • Cost-effective: As Canada’s leading driver training centre, Fanshawe is committed to delivering quality training at affordable prices. Depending on the program selected, Fanshawe offers payment plans that fit into your budget. Contact your local centre for more details.

    Programs Designed with Senior Drivers in Mind:

    • Safety-check seminar: A refresher course that can occur in a real-world or simulated environment, depending on participant needs.
    • Test ready: A total of four lessons to be divided up based on your individual needs and to help you complete your Licence Renewal Program with confidence.
    • Seniors Seminar: Fanshawe offers information sessions specifically designed to assist seniors who are required to renew their licence.

    * Conditions apply: Student must strictly adhere to the teaching methods and educated advise of the instructor in order to guarantee road test success.

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