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    At Fanshawe Driving School, our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. We guarantee that all our MTO Approved BDE Driving programs not only meet but also surpass government standards and regulations. Our programs are eligible for insurance premium reductions, providing added value to our students.

    Students will have the choice of two options for completion: the first is an online option that can be done remotely, and the second is an in-class option held at 279 Wharncliffe Road N, Unit 018, London, Ontario, N6H 2C2.

    Both the online and in-class courses are MTO approved and carry equal value, offering a 4-month reduction in the time required to obtain a G2 license. To learn more, please continue scrolling below or refer to our FAQ section.

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    MTO certified online course

    MTO certified in-class course

    20 hr in-class or online course

    10 hours home work

    10 hour in car training

    30 minutes assessment

    30 minutes evaluation

    4 month reduction to obtain your G2 faster

    Certificate included (DLH provided at Service Ontario)

    One on one in car training flexible appointments

    Automatic transmission vehicles for in-car training

    Please note that MTO booking is not included as part of the purchase of this package. Students must pay for and book their road test on their preferred date and time on their own.

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